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Suzhou Verygreen New Material Co.,LTD

Suzhou Verygreen New Material Co., LTD is specialized in the development and manufacture of clear PVC pipes and clear pipe fittings. Our clear PVC fitting has high transparency and acid corrosion resistance, the products are mainly suitable for the industry such as semiconductor, biological medicine, liquid crystal panels, solar energy, environmental protection equipment and so on, the products can be used as a protection tube or directly pipeline of transport corrosive liquids, the PVC clear plastic tube has smooth internal wall for the avoidance of scale and good visibility to be easily inspected the exception to avoid the liquid leakage danger.

Company Culture

Profession: Do only what you do best, always adhere to the main business, and provide customers with the most perfect products;

Concentrate: Verygreen clear pvc pipe supplier sincerely listen to the opinions and needs of customers, so as to make customers absolutely satisfied;

Focus: Dedicated to product research and development and focus on every little thing to achieve continuous innovation.

Our History

  • 2015

    Our company was founded in May 2015, focusing on the development of transparent PVC products

  • 2016

    Our company went into production.

  • 2018

    Our company began to engage in foreign trade business.

Company Structure