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  1. We offer the following clear plastic pipe fittings and transparent hard pipe

序号品名Product name标准规格范围
1透明PVC管道Transparent Rigid PVC PipeANSI1/2"-6"
2透明PVC直接Transparent PVC directANSI1/2"-6"
3透明PVC弯头Transparent PVC elbowANSI1/2"-6"
4透明PVC三通Transparent PVC TeeANSI1/2"-6"
5透明PVC外牙Transparent PVC outer teethANSI1/2"-2"
6透明PVC管道Transparent PVC pipeDINDN15-DN150
7透明PVC直接Transparent PVC directDINDN15-DN150
8透明PVC弯头Transparent PVC elbowDINDN15-DN150
9透明PVC三通Transparent PVC TeeDINDN15-DN150
10透明PVC外牙Transparent PVC outer teethDINDN15-DN50

2. Provide customized services, customized according to customer needs. 

With professional equipment and technology,  Our clear pvc pipe supplier and technician can customize exclusive products for you according to your individual needs.