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  1. We offer the following products

序号品名Product name标准规格范围
1透明PVC管道Transparent PVC pipeANSI1/2"-6"
2透明PVC直接Transparent PVC directANSI1/2"-6"
3透明PVC弯头Transparent PVC elbowANSI1/2"-6"
4透明PVC三通Transparent PVC TeeANSI1/2"-6"
5透明PVC外牙Transparent PVC outer teethANSI1/2"-2"
6透明PVC管道Transparent PVC pipeDINDN15-DN150
7透明PVC直接Transparent PVC directDINDN15-DN150
8透明PVC弯头Transparent PVC elbowDINDN15-DN150
9透明PVC三通Transparent PVC TeeDINDN15-DN150
10透明PVC外牙Transparent PVC outer teethDINDN15-DN50

2. Provide customized services, customized according to customer needs. 

With professional equipment and technology,  we can customize exclusive products for you

according to your individual needs.