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Interesting Facts About Transparent PVC Tube
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Interesting Facts About Transparent PVC Tube

Ⅰ. Clear PVC pipe supports fabrication and installation

Clear PVC pipe with a diameter of 1inch to 3 inches or more is commonly used as an external protection pipe. Galvanized or stainless steel C-beams (40*40) are commonly used for suspension cross-arms. Chamfer the ends and use special plastic sleeves to seal them. The distance between hangers should not exceed 1.5 meters.

Ⅱ. Elbows for clear PVC pipes

Transparent plastic pipe can be softened by heating them in hot air for 2 minutes at 80°C. When hot air is used to heat transparent PVC elbows, gentle bending should be done at the same time to ensure the roundness of the PVC pipe section at the elbow.

It's time to simmer when the transparent tube PVC has been heated until the pipe body has softened. At the same time, a clean rag wet with cold water should be used to cool the pipe in the fire section for it to be shaped in time. To lower the resistance of the PFA hose penetration, the elbow's bending radius should be bigger than 0.5m.

When using an electric air pistol to boil translucent PVC pipe, the gun should be constantly revolving and swinging. The tube must not be yellowed or burned as a result of the heat, and it must be heated uniformly. Clear rigid PVC pipe can also be heated in the oven or with boiling water.

Ⅲ. How to install transparent PVC tubes?

Temperatures between -20°C and 100°C are suitable for transparent PVC tubes and hoops. Smooth on the inside and out, resistant to strong acids and alkalis, and UV radiation resistant.

Lightweight, thanks to a unique cold bonding technique is better. Simple construction, no leakage at the interface, thick walls, and excellent pressure resistance are all advantages of transparent PVC tubes. It's commonly employed in electronic industrial enterprises' inorganic chemical piping systems.

1. Special PVC knives are used to cut transparent PVC tubes.

2. Transparent PVC tubes with chamfering for the pipe entrance made of special PVC.

3. To ensure that the glue sticks to the clear PVC pipe such as the 1 inch transparent pipe, the aperture of the transparent PVC tube is wiped clean with a clean cloth dipped in a particular cleaner. The glue can be applied once the cleaning agent has evaporated.

Both the pipe standoff and the pipe hoop socket should be coated with adhesive before inserting the connection, which should take roughly 30 seconds. The depth of the socket determines how long the socket will be. To provide the broadest possible gluing surface, always measure the depth of the socket in advance and mark the end of the socket.

4. Use a pipe card to secure the clear PVC pipe to the hanger.

Ⅳ. Clear PVC pipe pressure testing

Seal both ends of the pipe and clear plastic pipe fittings, and use an automatic pressure disc recorder to perform a pressure test. The test medium is high-quality nitrogen and the test pressure is 0.4MPa. If the circumference measured by the pressure recorder does not fluctuate during 24 hours, the pressure recorder is certified.

Ⅴ. Connection of transparent PVC tube and equipment

Both ends of the transparent PVC tube can be joined to the cavity housing of the equipment using cold glue after it has passed the pressure resistance test. This keeps the PFA hose (inner tube) in a restricted space with the equipment chamber and the transparent PVC tube.