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Notes for Construction of Transparent PVC Tube
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Notes for Construction of Transparent PVC Tube

PVC pipe is a pipeline product with high heat resistance, good toughness, ductility, and many other characteristics, which we use more in our daily lives, many places of the pipeline choose to use PVC pipe, which also shows that the use of PVC pipe quality is very good, this we want to introduce a slightly different transparent PVC tube, see the introduction of transparent PVC tube below.

Ⅰ. Transparent PVC tube

PVC (Polyvinylchloride) stands for polyvinyl chloride, which is combined with other ingredients to improve heat resistance, toughness, ductility, and other properties. This surface film's top layer is lacquer, the middle layer is polyvinyl chloride, and the bottom layer is back coated with adhesive.

It is a well-known, well-known, and commonly utilized synthetic substance in today's globe. The clear transparent pvc pipe tube is the world's second most used synthetic material.

According to statistics, around five million tonnes of PVC were produced in Europe in 1995, with 5.3 million tonnes consumed. PVC production and consumption in Germany averaged 1.4 million tons per year.

Ⅱ. Advantages of transparent PVC tube

1. While having strong tensile and compressive strength, lacks the flexibility of other plastic pipes.

2. Low fluid resistance: the transparent PVC tube wall is very smooth, and the fluid resistance is very low; its roughness coefficient is just 0.009, and its water transmission capacity may be increased by 20% compared to the same diameter cast iron pipe, and 40% compared to the concrete pipe.

3. Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance: clear PVC pipe has excellent acid, alkali, and corrosion resistance, is unaffected by moisture or soil acidity, and maybe laid without any anti-corrosive treatment.

4. Watertightness: PVC pipe installations, whether employing bonding or rubber ring connections, are watertight.

5. Bite resistant: Because clear plastic PVC pipes do not contain nutrients, they are not vulnerable to rat erosion. Rats do not bite clear PVC pipes, according to experiments conducted by the National Sanitation Foundation in Michigan.

6. Curing time, shrinkage, splitting strength, tensile characteristics, peel strength, thermal stability, service life, storage length, and release of dangerous compounds are all part of the performance testing.

Ⅲ. Construction precautions for transparent PVC tube

1. When employing solvent bonding on a small diameter pipe, the socket must be inverted small rounded to generate a level, and the fracture must be a flat and vertical axis, to bond firmly and avoid leaking.

2. To create the rubber ring interface, a clear transparent pipe pvc with a diameter higher than or equal to 100 mm is employed. Before installation, you must arrange for personnel to chamfer the pipe's socket, as well as inspect the rubber ring for quality. The socket, rubber ring, and other components of the installation must be cleaned.

3. Traditional pipe trench excavation just requires that the pipe be placed in the trench and sealed, without the need to disturb the original soil layer, and without the use of pressure ramming bedding.

4. Tee or vertical water stopper open fork accessible in standard transparent PVC tube branch To thicken the pipe wall, add saddle-shaped fittings, half of the two-piece tee, and U-shaped bolt card, and then directly in the aforementioned drilling openings, and then use the external thread plastic components connected out.

Tests have demonstrated that the test pressure acceptance after this construction meets all of the specification's requirements. Furthermore, elbows, tees, and pipe end at the sealing plate and other parts of the transparent PVC tube such as 2 clear pvc tee water flow generated by the thrust of the site, such as elbows, tees, and pipe ends the sealing plate and other parts should be set to thrust pier to withstand the thrust of the water.

5. Because PVC pipe is a new type of non-metallic pipe, conventional metal pipe detecting equipment cannot identify its precise location; however, if the transparent PVC tube is hidden in the pipe above a wire, this problem may be readily solved.