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Performance and Applications of Transparent PVC Pipe
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Performance and Applications of Transparent PVC Pipe

Transparent PVC pipe is a PVC transparent non-toxic hose with a built-in spiral steel wire skeleton. It has a usage temperature range of 0-+65℃. The product is highly elastic, wear-resistant, and has excellent solvent resistance. It can be used in industries such as vacuum pump agricultural machinery, drainage equipment, petrochemical equipment, plastic processing machinery, and food hygiene machinery. For those who may not be familiar with transparent water pipe, let's briefly introduce them below.

The extensive application of transparent PVC pipes

In general resin production, PVC resin has the lowest ethylene consumption and the lowest production cost. The ethylene consumption of each ton of PVC resin is about 50% less than that of polyethylene. In addition, from the perspective of plastic products, PVC has good compatibility with various additives, and a large amount of inexpensive fillers can be added to produce pipes, greatly reducing production costs. Therefore, transparent PVC clear plastic pipes have been widely used.

Compared with metal pipes, the energy consumption for producing one cubic meter of PVC is much lower than producing one cubic meter of steel or aluminum. The energy consumption for producing steel is 4.5 times that of PVC, and for aluminum, it is 8.8 times that of PVC. Moreover, the processing energy consumption for producing PVC pipes accounts for only one-third of that for the same caliber metal pipes. At the same time, due to the smooth inner wall of PVC pipes, there is no corrosion or tumor, and the water delivery efficiency is high. Using it for liquid transportation can save about 20% of electricity.

Transparent PVC pipes have excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance

During use, transparent PVC pipes are lightweight, easy to install, and require no maintenance. Steel, as a material for public engineering sewers, is prone to corrosion and requires frequent painting, resulting in high maintenance costs. Generally, metal pipelines used in buildings and public engineering need to be replaced after about 20 years, while PVC pipelines with good processing performance have a service life of up to 50 years. Therefore, transparent PVC pipes are low-cost, high-strength, and corrosion-resistant plastic products.

In terms of sewage, wastewater, and ventilation pipelines, PVC pipelines are more cost-effective than cast iron pipelines in terms of installation and labor costs; as conduit pipes, using PVC pipes instead of metal conduit pipes can save costs; for chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes in hot and cold water applications, using pipes with the same size as copper pipes can save costs by 23%-44%. Therefore, due to the advantages of PVC pipes, many countries are actively developing and promoting PVC pipes.

Among many PVC products, rigid PVC pipes and fittings are growing rapidly and are the largest consumption of various plastic pipelines. After years of promotion, especially with the support of relevant national policies, the production and application of PVC pipes have made significant progress, and the production of PVC pipes accounts for more than 50% of the total production of plastic pipes, and is widely used in many industries such as industry, construction, and agriculture.

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