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The Problems Encountered in the Production of Transparent PVC Tube
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The Problems Encountered in the Production of Transparent PVC Tube

The engineering community has praised clear PVC pipe for its light weight, corrosion resistance, high compressive strength, safety, and convenience.

China's PVC clear pipe tube development has accelerated in recent years, owing to the country's rapid economic expansion. The following challenges will be encountered in the fabrication of transparent PVC tubing.

Ⅰ. Clear PVC pipe surface without lustre

1. The temperature of the mouth mold is too low; it is necessary to raise the temperature.

2. If the mouth mould's inner wall isn't completely dry, you can clean it.

3. If the net compressed air supply is insufficient or there is air leakage, increase the air supply or inspect and fix the clear PVC tube leaking.

Ⅱ. The wall thickness of clear PVC pipes is not uniform

1. Incorrect alignment of the core and mouth molds; fix the core and mouth molds' center positions.

2. Plasticization is uneven, so the plasticization system's control needs to be strengthened.

3. Check the transparent tube pvc traction device if traction is not normal.

4. Because compressed air is inherently unstable, the air supply system should be made as smooth as possible.

5. If the temperature around the head isn't stable, make sure the head heating device is working and that the temperature around the head is stable.

Ⅲ. Black marks on the surface of clear PVC pipes

1. Additives in the raw materials are not equally disseminated; increase mixing and strengthen mixing to improve dispersion performance.

2. The fluidity of the raw material is insufficient; enhance the raw material formula.

3. The temperature of the head and strainer is too high; lower the temperature as needed.

4. Check the manufacturing of clear PVC pipe strainer, clear pvc pipe fittings and diversion plate, as well as the head strainer and diversion plate and other substandard structures.

5. If the filter is dirty, it should be cleaned.

Ⅳ. Wrinkles and ripples on the clear PVC pipe surface

1. Whether the temperature of the mouth mold is too high or the heating is uneven, check to see if the heating device is damaged and lower the temperature.

2. The water supply to the transparent tube PVC cooling shaping device is insufficient, the water temperature is excessive, and it is necessary to increase the amount of water supply.

3. If your traction speed is too slow, increase it.

4. If the material used to make the mouth mold isn't homogeneous, correct the mouth mold gap.

Ⅴ. Cracks in the inner wall of PVC pipes

1. Impurity-infested raw materials, raw material pretreatment.

2. The temperature of the core mould is too low; increase the temperature of the core mould.

3. The barrel temperature is low; increase the temperature of the clear PVC pipe barrel.

4. If the traction speed is excessively fast, it should be reduced.

5. If there is too much lubrication in the recipe, it should be adjusted.

As a leading clear pvc pipe manufacturer, we believe you will have a general grasp of transparent PVC tube in the production of problems, in addition to telling you that China's small diameter, poor value-added clear PVC pipe companies, large diameter, high technological content clear PVC pipe enterprises are less.

The processing capacity of clear PVC pipe is distributed in an illogical manner. If you have any further queries concerning clear PVC pipe, please contact us for assistance.