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What Is the Standard for Clear PVC Tube?
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What Is the Standard for Clear PVC Tube?

Clear PVC Tube is a kind of plastic pipe, which is widely used in modern industrial and civil industry. PVC has an important application, that is, it is used as a threading tube for household wiring, which is questioned by many consumers. During home decoration, transparent PVC pipes are used for wiring. For flame-retardant plastic pipes, the number of threads is fixed. For example, a 20-millimeter-diameter PVC pipe can penetrate four power lines, and a 16-millimeter-diameter transparent PVC pipe can penetrate three power lines. If more power lines are entered, it will affect the normal operation of the power circuit. PVC pipes need firm and seamless connections. When laying PVC pipes, they should be fixed at the top of buildings, and when entering conduits, they should be connected to the lock body.

Indoor decorative pipes use two colors, red and blue, mainly to distinguish between strong and weak electrical connections. The installation concept of "red pipes for strong electricity and blue pipes for weak electricity" effectively standardizes the wiring and makes it easy to identify and detect circuit faults. The red and blue pipes are PVC clear hard plastic pipes, which are now used by qualified decoration companies. The material and performance are better than white line pipes and are more convenient for identification in maintenance and repair.

Features of Clear PVC Tube

Good insulation performance

Clear PVC Tubes have good insulation performance, high current breakdown voltage, and can withstand 25kV voltage without breakdown, and the sleeve is not life-threatening.

Strong impact resistance

Clear PVC Tubes can withstand pressure and can be hidden in concrete without being compressed and impact-damaged.

Good fire performance

Transparent pipe has a high oxygen index and are not easily ignited. Moisture-proof, acid and alkali resistance: PVC electrical shells are moisture-proof and do not rust like metal shells, and are resistant to acid, alkali, and oil.

Pest control

Clear PVC Tubes do not emit insect-like odors to prevent insect bites and rat bites. Easy to bend: PVC transparent line pipes only need to be inserted with a spring, no heating is required, and they can be bent with just a gentle push by hand.

Characteristics of Clear PVC Tubes

According to the default of electricians, red warning color is the strong power symbol, blue or cold color is the weak power symbol. Renovation project of the overall wiring design, wiring planning and marking, archiving documents, reserved for "pipe upgrade" space. Clear hard plastic tube can improve the safety of electricity, standardize the construction site management, easy identification, piping, maintenance, and later upgrade appliances. Eliminate hidden dangers, safe and reliable.

Home decoration wiring separates strong and weak electrical pipes through scientific color labeling, thereby isolating strong electrical interference and weak electrical interference, effectively avoiding audio distortion, telephone noise, TV flashing screens, smart home control failures, network transmission data, and other phenomena caused by strong and weak electrical chaos interference, making home life safer and more reliable.