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Connections, Characteristics and Functions of Transparent PVC Pipes
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Connections, Characteristics and Functions of Transparent PVC Pipes

Ⅰ. Connection mode of the transparent PVC tube

The connection modes of the transparent PVC tube and hose mainly include sealing rubber ring, bonding, and flange connection.

Rubber ring interface is generally used for the clear transparent pvc pipe tube with pipe diameter greater than or equal to 100mm. For pipes with a diameter less than 100mm, adhesive joints are generally used, and some also use unions. When crossing sewers or other pipelines, metal pipes are generally used. At this time, plastic clear pipes and metal pipes are connected by flanges. A flange connection is also adopted for the connection between the front and rear of the valve and the pipeline.

1. When solvent bonding is used for the small-diameter transparent PVC tubes, the socket shall be rounded to form a groove, and the fracture shall be flat and vertical to the axis, to ensure firm bonding and avoid water leakage.

2. Generally, transparent PVC tubes with pipe diameters greater than or equal to 100mm adopt a rubber ring interface. Before installation, personnel must be arranged to chamfer the pipe socket and check whether the rubber ring quality is qualified. The socket and rubber ring must be wiped clean during installation.

3. The excavation of pipe trench for traditional pipeline installation only requires that the pipeline can be put into the pipe trench and sealed. When the original soil layer is not loosened, there is no need to press and tamp the cushion.

4. Generally, the branch pipe of the transparent water pipe can be forked with a tee or vertical water stop bolt. During construction, a saddle-shaped fitting and half a two-in-three-way tee can be added and clamped with U-shaped bolts, to thicken the pipe wall. Then directly drill holes and open teeth on it, and then connect it with externally threaded plastic parts. The test shows that the pressure test acceptance after construction can fully meet the requirements of the specification. In addition, thrust piers shall be set at the positions where the water flow in the pipe generates thrust, such as elbows, tees, and pipe end sealing plates to bear the thrust of water flow.

Ⅱ. Unique functions of the transparent PVC tube

1. As a new type of non-metallic pipe, PVC hose can not detect its specific position with the existing metal pipe detection equipment, but this problem can be easily solved if a wire is buried on the pipe during the pipe-laying construction.

2. The transparent PVC tube and transparent pipe fittings is made of PVC resin by extrusion with a large amount of plasticizer, a certain amount of stabilizer, and other additives. PVC hose has excellent chemical stability, excellent electrical insulation, good flexibility, and coloring. This kind of pipe is often used to replace rubber pipe to transport liquid and corrosive medium and is also used as cable sleeve and wire insulation.

Ⅲ. The features of the transparent PVC tube PVC hose:

1. Transparent PVC tube products are made of high-quality high-strength bright fiber and high-quality PVC synthetic materials from the clear pvc pipe supplier;

2. Its inner and outer layers have strong adhesion. It is not easy to separate and has high-pressure resistance and corrosion resistance with non-toxic material and long service life;

3. The packaging can be customized by customers, with small volume, easy recycling, and convenient movement.

Ⅳ. Application of the transparent PVC tube and PVC hose

Transparent PVC tubes are widely used in agriculture, industry, fishery, engineering, household, and other fields to transport water, oil, weak acid liquid, oxygen, gas, and other liquids and gases. Applicable temperature: - 10 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃.