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There Are Many Precautions to Consider When Using Clear PVC Pipes
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There Are Many Precautions to Consider When Using Clear PVC Pipes

PVC is mainly composed of polyvinyl chloride, with other components added to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, and ductility. This material consists of a surface film layer of paint, a main component layer of polyvinyl chloride, and a bottom layer of back-coated adhesive. There are various precautions to consider when using PVC clear pipes.

For engineering decorative polyvinyl chloride pipes that are embedded in walls, the suitability of the accompanying electrical accessories must also be considered. There is a wide variety of polyvinyl chloride pipes and accessories available on the market, and factors such as color, material, model, and wall thickness should be carefully selected for compatibility. Different manufacturers produce different qualities and connection methods.

The use of plastic PVC clear pipes that can be processed with plastic chlorination can overcome the phenomenon of easy detachment or melting under high-temperature heat.

It is stable in use in waterways and has high acid and wear resistance in different markets. When using PVC clear pipes for building installation purposes, in order to meet the performance characteristics of convenient water supply, physical processing and installation specifications can be adjusted in the design, and the smoothness of various wallpapers can be increased to improve the U-value. The light connection should not be severely blocked or twisted.

Explosion prevention: The protective function of flammable materials can reduce the serious explosive effects of flammable materials by passing through the transparent pipe in public places. It can reduce the serious phenomena that occur during the firefighting process of different combustion materials and protect the installed and used building pipes. Circulation performance: In order to meet the safety of equipment during use, the use of information security house decoration equipment can be improved, and different ceiling and floor control pipe balancing functions can be added during installation in various occasions to reduce fraud. The flame retardancy is between non-cyclic phenomena.

Precautions for PVC clear pipe operation

  • Layout and drainage should be carried out according to the trenches opened at the construction site. When laying pipes in rooms with water, the electrical conduit should be placed on the wall and ceiling. Strong and weak wires are not allowed to run through the ground of the kitchen, bathroom, and balcony.

  • The layout of the wall pipeline should be smooth and vertical, with as little bending as possible. If there is a bend, there should be no obvious creases at the turning point. The distance between strong and weak electrical wires must be greater than or equal to 150mm to prevent unclear cable signals. The distance between gas pipes and electrical conduits cannot be less than 150mm.

  • When threading, the sum of the cross-sectional areas of the wires passed through a single clear plastic PVC pipe must be less than 40% of the cross-sectional area of the pipe. Generally, no more than 3 16mm wires or 4 20mm wires should be used.

  • Strong and weak electrical wires should be threaded and laid in separate conduits. Junction boxes should be used at the junctions of pipe intersections, and wiring caps should be used at the wiring points. Coloring must be used for wiring.