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Introduction to Performance and Precautions of PVC Pipes
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Introduction to Performance and Precautions of PVC Pipes

Transparent pipe fitting is a PVC transparent pipe with an embedded spiral steel wire skeleton. It is highly elastic, wear-resistant, and has excellent solvent resistance (most chemical auxiliaries). It can be used in industries such as vacuum pumps, agricultural machinery, drainage equipment, petrochemical equipment, plastic processing machinery, and food hygiene machinery.

Product features of clear PVC pipe fittings


Mainly blue, yellow, and green, with the characteristics of beautiful and generous. Various colors can also be customized according to user needs.

Usage characteristics

The length of the transparent pipe for water can be spliced arbitrarily, which is convenient and flexible to move. It can be folded for storage, which occupies a small space.

Performance characteristics

It has strong corrosion resistance, cold resistance, and pressure resistance. It is not easy to age or deform, and its service life is longer than rubber pipes and other plastic pipes.

Applicable scope

The product is widely applicable, and is currently mainly used in drainage and irrigation in farmland, garden, grassland, mining area, oil field, construction and other places.

Precautions for using clear PVC pipe fittings

  • Please use it within the specified temperature and pressure range. When applying pressure, please open/close any valve slowly to prevent impact pressure and damage to the pipe. The clear plastic PVC pipe will expand and contract slightly with the change of internal pressure. Please cut the pipe into a slightly longer length than you need when using it.

  • The pipe used must be suitable for the fluid being conveyed. When unsure if the pipe used is suitable for a certain fluid, please consult professionals.

  • Do not use non-food-grade transparent PVC pipe for producing or processing food products, supplying drinking water, or boiling or washing food. Please use the pipe above its minimum bending radius. When the pipe is used for powder or granules, please enlarge its bending radius as much as possible to reduce possible wear on the pipe.

  • Do not use it in extremely bent state near metal parts.

  • Do not let the pipe come into direct contact or close to open flames.

  • Do not run over the pipe with vehicles.

Precautions for assembly of clear PVC pipe fittings

Please choose a metal joint that fits the size of the pipe for assembly. When inserting the fish scale groove of the joint into the pipe, apply oil to the pipe and fish scale groove parts. Do not use fire to heat them. If it cannot be inserted, the pipe can be heated with hot water before insertion.

Above is the knowledge we shared about the performance introduction and precautions of transparent pipe fittings. We hope it can be helpful to everyone.