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Unexpected Fun Facts About Transparent PVC Tubes
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Unexpected Fun Facts About Transparent PVC Tubes

1. Production and installation of transparent PVC tube brackets

As an external protection pipe, clear rigid PVC pipe usually has more than 1 inch to 3 inches of calibers. The suspension cross-arm is usually made of galvanized or stainless steel C-shaped steel (40*40). The end should be chamfered and sealed with a special plastic sleeve. The spacing between the hanger should not be greater than 1.5 meters.

2. Transparent PVC tube is simmered with elbow hot air

When the transparent tube pvc is heated by a hot air of 80°C for 2 minutes, it can become soft. The clear PVC elbow is hot: when the hot air is heated, the simmering bend should be carried out synchronously to ensure the roundness of the section of the PVC pipe at the elbow. When the PVC pipe is heated until the tube body becomes flexible, it can be simmered. At the same time, cool the pipe with a clean cloth stained with cold water in time on the simmered part, so as to mold in time. The bending radius of the elbow should be greater than 0.5 meters to reduce the resistance of PFA hose penetration.

When the transparent PVC tube is simmered with an electric air gun, the electric air gun shall rotate and swing constantly. The pipe shall not be heated yellow or scorched, and the pipe shall be evenly heated. The PVC transparent tube can also be heated by boiling water or ovens.

3. How to install transparent PVC tubes

The working temperature of the transparent PVC tube and the hoop is between -20 °C and 100 °C. The inner and outer walls are smooth, resistant to strong acids and alkalis, and resistant to ultraviolet radiation. It is light in quality and adopts a special cold adhesive bonding method. It has the advantages of simple construction, non-leakable interface, thick pipe wall and strong pressure resistance. It is widely used in the inorganic chemical pipeline system of electronic industrial plants.

The installation process of PVC transparent tube pipe includes:

(1) The transparent PVC tube is cut with a special PVC cutter;

(2) The transparent PVC tube adopts a special PVC chamfer to chamfer the pipe port;

(3) The opening of the transparent PVC tube is cleaned with a clean cloth with a special detergent to ensure that the glue is glued to the clear pvc pipe and fittings. After the cleaning agent is volatilization, glue can be applied. When glue is applied, the pipeline bearing and the pipe hoop socket are all clothed with glue, and wait for about 30 seconds to plug in and connect. The length of the socket is subject to the depth of the socket. Be sure to measure the depth of the socket in advance, and mark it at the socket end to ensure the largest possible adhesion surface;

(4) Fix the transparent PVC tube on the hanger with a pipe card.

4. Transparent PVC tube pressure test

Seal the ends of the pipeline and use an automatic pressure disc recorder for pressure testing. The test pressure is 0.4MPa, and the test medium should be high-purity nitrogen. If there is no fluctuation in the circumference recorded by the pressure recorder within 24 hours, it is qualified from a professional clear pvc pipe manufacturer.

5. Transparent PVC tube and device connection

After passing the pressure test of the transparent PVC tube, the two ends can be connected to the cavity shell of the equipment, and the cold adhesive is also used. In this way, the PFA hose (internal tube) can be guaranteed in a closed space with the equipment cavity and PVC pipe.